A Matter of Focus

The lazy waters take a right angled turn.  Branches of white ash bend gracefully toward the water.  A flash of brilliant red—a male cardinal flies, lighting on branches across the water.  He perches 15 feet above the water, secure on his leafy bench, trilling to attract his mate.  I sit on a stone bench nestledContinue reading “A Matter of Focus”

Growing Stronger

For years, I’ve had thinning bones. I faithfully take my calcium pills and make sure I get weight bearing exercise. After a recent bone scan showed additional thinning, I really stepped up the exercise. In addition to tap dance classes and walks in the woods, made an effort to get up and walk every hourContinue reading “Growing Stronger”

Savoring the Small Beauties

In the rush of the day, I paused to look at the sky. The bright blue drew me in, the white cotton clouds Scattered throughout. In a pause of busyness, I watched the children playing, Their small bodies running and jumping, I smiled at their laughter ringing in the air. While hurrying to an appointment,Continue reading “Savoring the Small Beauties”

Whispering Wings

In the beginning, you hovered over the waters, wings beating like a mother bird watching her young. Wings strong, silent, stirring the waters, whispering to all of creation, bestowing life. You who hovered in the beginning, you who made the heavens and the earth, you also made me. Your wings beat and the “breath ofContinue reading “Whispering Wings”

Early Morning Light

I love those mornings when I wake before the sun and have time to sit in the dark, watching the light gradually increase. The dim light provides a soft glow in the room, making me even more aware of God’s presence. As I bask in the Lord’s presence, the dark room transforms, slowly turning lightContinue reading “Early Morning Light”

Healing What Ails You

Earlier this year, I caught a nasty virus, the kind that plays havoc with your digestive system. Of course, we were out of town when it hit. During our granddaughter’s dance competition, we sat in the balcony watching so many beautiful dancers. While waiting for her solos, it hit hard. The closest bathroom was upstairs.Continue reading “Healing What Ails You”