The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It                 As I taught the simple rhythm game, dozens of pairs of dark brown eyes danced with glee. Huge smiles covered the faces of the beautiful children sitting on the floor with me in this church in the poorest section of Matamoros, Mexico. In spite of the language barriers—the children spokeContinue reading “The Eyes Have It”

Estes Park

I sit at the edge of the amphitheater where the rangers give their nightly talks. Early in the morning I’m the only one here. The sun has just risen above the mountains, and I stare at the expanse of beauty all around me. Everywhere I look, the majestic Rocky Mountains raise their granite peaks skyward.Continue reading “Estes Park”

Mr. B’s Records

Let me introduce you to an acquaintance of mine, Beelzebub, Mr. B. for short. Mr. B. is a great accountant. He keeps the ledger for souls, your soul and mine. Meticulously, he records every deed, every selfless, honorable act we’ve ever done, as well as every selfish, unkind word or act anyone has ever committed.Continue reading “Mr. B’s Records”

Troubled Times

We live in troubled, broken times. I allow fear to wrap itself around me, stealing my hope and contentment. Worry takes away my trust in the Almighty Creator God. Hatred reigns supreme, shoving love into the deep recesses of my heart. My God-given peace seems shattered, scattered to every corner of my soul. But then…IContinue reading “Troubled Times”

Wordless Love

I don’t remember hearing my parents telling me, “I love you,” but I know they do.  They have shown their love in countless ways.  When I was growing up they worked hard to provide a comfortable home, food, and clothing.  They made sure my brothers didn’t pick on me, at least not too much.  EvenContinue reading “Wordless Love”


None of us likes to be interrupted.  We tell our children, “Not now. I’m talking. It’s not polite to interrupt.” Children, of course, are persistent, tapping the parent on the shoulder until they have Mom or Dad’s full attention. These interruptions try the parents’ patience. When Jesus walked on this earth, he was the masterContinue reading “Interrupted”

Be Nice to Your Brother

 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind….And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’” (Matthew 22:37 &38 NIV). When my grandsons were younger, they loved to torment one another: A poke here, a kick there, and a headlock for goodContinue reading “Be Nice to Your Brother”