Savoring a Cup of Tea and a Piece of Chocolate

I’m sitting on my couch, leg rest up, legs stretched out. Sipping a cup of hot tea and savoring some zesty orange dark chocolate, I’m relaxing and easing away the cares of a long day. Ahhh! After a busy day, both emotionally and physically, the tea and chocolate are hitting all my pleasure buttons andContinue reading “Savoring a Cup of Tea and a Piece of Chocolate”

Rivers of Peace

In a world torn by conflicts and war, people seek peace.  Many mourn the lack of peace and grieve over violence.  Others question why war exists; hasn’t God has promised peace? When you listen to the news, it seems peace doesn’t exist.  Even in our homes, peace seems elusive.  Couples bicker and divorce, siblings argueContinue reading “Rivers of Peace”

Saying Goodbye

When a friend from my early adulthood recently passed away, I reminisced on all those times we spent together. Stay-at-home moms in our twenties with babies and toddlers, we had much in common. Those times were both chaotic and wonderful. Our days were filled with diapers and slobbery kisses, toddler tears and tantrums mixed withContinue reading “Saying Goodbye”

Deep Tissue Massage

Recently I had a deep tissue massage. I thought it would be just like a regular massage, only with more pressure. Not so! The therapist placed her elbow into a large muscle on my back and put all her weight on me, pressing hard on the knotted muscle. She applied pressure on the back, shoulder,Continue reading “Deep Tissue Massage”

A Matter of Focus

The lazy waters take a right angled turn.  Branches of white ash bend gracefully toward the water.  A flash of brilliant red—a male cardinal flies, lighting on branches across the water.  He perches 15 feet above the water, secure on his leafy bench, trilling to attract his mate.  I sit on a stone bench nestledContinue reading “A Matter of Focus”

Growing Stronger

For years, I’ve had thinning bones. I faithfully take my calcium pills and make sure I get weight bearing exercise. After a recent bone scan showed additional thinning, I really stepped up the exercise. In addition to tap dance classes and walks in the woods, made an effort to get up and walk every hourContinue reading “Growing Stronger”