A Child’s Walk

“Let’s go,” the father called to his four-year-old son. Jimmy scampered over and reached his small hand up for his dad’s firm grasp.  Eagerly he tugged on the strong arm, “Let’s go, let’s go,” he sang. Small hand wrapped firmly in the larger hand, out the door they walked, down the sidewalk.  Jimmy hopped andContinue reading “A Child’s Walk”

Unexpected Blessings

Unexpected Blessings Walking along the trail, I looked to my left.  What I saw stopped me in my tracks.  There, only ten to twelve feet away, stood four white-tailed deer, staring at me.  I stopped, breathless, and stared back at them.  They stood so close I could see the black markings on their faces.  BehindContinue reading “Unexpected Blessings”