A Work of Art

Many admire the beauty of glass, its colors sparkling. Stepping stones, with embedded glass, decorate gardens. Stained-glass windows inspire awe and reverence.  To make the stained-glass, the artist first breaks the glass, leaving tiny splinters and sharp edges. Next, she grinds the edges smooth. Once shaped and smoothed, the artist solders the pieces together toContinue reading “A Work of Art”

Tending the Garden: a Parable

There once was a woman who married, had children, worked hard to provide a pleasant home for her family and raise her children in a loving manner.  She worked in her church and did her best to serve her God in the ways she could.  After her children matured, this woman went to work and enjoyed meaningfulContinue reading “Tending the Garden: a Parable”

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning. It’s a time to sort through the clutter in my house, designating some items to give away and others to trash. It’s a time to scrub all the surfaces and wipe down the dusty corners. Sometimes I avoid the tasks at hand, wishing instead to relax and enjoy myself. But I know itContinue reading “Spring Cleaning”

A Child’s Walk

“Let’s go,” the father called to his four-year-old son. Jimmy scampered over and reached his small hand up for his dad’s firm grasp.  Eagerly he tugged on the strong arm, “Let’s go, let’s go,” he sang. Small hand wrapped firmly in the larger hand, out the door they walked, down the sidewalk.  Jimmy hopped andContinue reading “A Child’s Walk”

Unexpected Blessings

Unexpected Blessings Walking along the trail, I looked to my left.  What I saw stopped me in my tracks.  There, only ten to twelve feet away, stood four white-tailed deer, staring at me.  I stopped, breathless, and stared back at them.  They stood so close I could see the black markings on their faces.  BehindContinue reading “Unexpected Blessings”

A Box of Chocolates

Imagine that someone has given you a big box of chocolates!  What is the first thing you do?  Most would probably say Thank you, open the box, and graciously offer the first piece to the giver of this scrumptious gift.  Would you begrudge giving that first piece of chocolate to the person who gave youContinue reading “A Box of Chocolates”

Returning to Joy

Walking the nature trails, I wander across a large meadow, at least ¼ mile long and just as wide. Everywhere I look across this open countryside, I see dead, dry, native grasses. Deciduous trees dot the landscape. Winter weather has shorn them of their green garments, and their barren branches stretch nakedly toward the wintryContinue reading “Returning to Joy”

Dropping the Stones

She was caught in the act of adultery and dragged into the temple courts. Head down, hands trembling, she avoided the eyes of the angry men surrounding her. They couldn’t wait to pass judgment on her. Their faces turned hard as the stones they longed to throw. After all, that was God’s law. But theContinue reading “Dropping the Stones”