King of the World

When I opened the back door, I heard a small voice yell, “I’m king of the world.”  In a yard nearby a small boy perched about eight feet high on top of his backyard playground equipment.  With tousled hair, smudged cheeks, and torn jeans, he was quite an unlikely looking king of the world. Jesus,Continue reading “King of the World”

The Hardened Path

In my part of the country, we have been experiencing drought. Very little precipitation has fallen this year. In my city home, I don’t immediately see the effects, but the nearby farmers and ranchers see it every day. While recently walking on the nature trails, however, I noticed the difference. Usually, when I walk thoseContinue reading “The Hardened Path”

Early Spring

As I sit on the brown, lifeless grass, its crispy blades crunch and break beneath my weight. High atop this hill, I can see for miles in every direction, the surrounding gently rolling hills the same dun color as the grass where I sit. Dotted along the tan hillsides, dark green cedars raise their pointedContinue reading “Early Spring”

Cleaning the Flower Beds

In the early morning fresh air, I cleaned the flower beds.  First, I tackled the tall purple coneflowers, whose seed heads had provided the birds with winter food.  With my handheld, small shears, I quickly cut.  Snip, snip, down they came.  Next came the yarrow:  snip, snip, the old dried stalks were quickly removed.  FromContinue reading “Cleaning the Flower Beds”